U S B Logs

HOWTO get logs

I'll move here the page on the prism54 wiki.

Currently i need snoops from recent devices.


Install the device under windows, then install usbsnoop. Alternatively, you can use a demo version of vmware, and install the whole windows + usbsnoop without rebooting, and have windows see your usb device through vmware. That's fun, and works rather well. Well, it worked for me, and it worked for Joerg Dorchain too, it seems :)


You can get my version with pretty print of the logs :

NOTE Ndiswrapper does not work on my machine when there's a usb hub plugged in it. usb_submit_urb returns -28 (bandwidth problems). I'll try to do a workaround if the fine developers at ndiswrapper don't do it before me. The fix is not trivial as we would like to sleep and resubmit the urb later, but this does not seem possible easily just yet

(can't sleep in interrupt context).

~$ tla register-archive jean-baptiste.note@m4x.org--libre http://jbnote.free.fr/{archives}/libre
~$ tla get jean-baptiste.note@m4x.org--libre/ndiswrapper--devo ndiswrapper
~$ cd ndiswrapper
~$ make DUMPURBS=1 DEBUG=2 install
~$ cd <windows XP driver directory>
~$ ndiswrapper -i <windows XP inf file> # not necessary if already done
~$ modprobe ndiswrapper

NOTE Some driver providers are annoying, and will require you to use cabextract or unshield to get access to the .inf and .sys files

from their drivers.

After this, you can try a couple commands on your device so that i can link more easily wireless commands to the data sent on the wire. For instance,

~$ iwconfig wlanX mode managed
~$ iwlist wlanX scanning
~$ iwconfig wlanX essid "your_fst_essid"
~$ iwconfig wlanX mode ad-hoc
~$ iwconfig wlanX essid "your_snd_essid"

Then try to exchange some data with a peer in one of the above modes. Never mind remembering the commands you typed in, this will be written in the log. If you have WEP enabled, please try WEP (or more advanced encryption protocols), i know there is an encryption offload mechanism on the device.

URBs (data chunks to and from the usb device) are then dmesg'd, you'll have to send me a (usually big) portion of your /var/log/syslog file. Usually, bzip2 compression on this file works really well (from several MB to a couple hundred KB), please use it.

Formatting is not yet perfect, you can improve on it at the end of the driver/usb.c file. Patches appreciated.

List of prism device logs

LINKS HERE ARE BROKEN. Pending automatic generation, you'll find the logs in the firmware directory, where they are put next to the firmware version they correspond to.

First generation devices

Directory of logs

Second generation devices

I'll need more logs from those devices in order to adapt the init (firmware upload) sequence. From some USB Sagem XG703A, for instance. If some knowledegeable reader from LinuxFR could send me some usbsnoop logs :)

Many thanks to Joerg Dorchain, Olivier Garet, Adam Nielsen !

That's all for now !