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Prism54 usb driver

I'm trying to reverse-engeneer prism54-based usb devices, that is, almost all 802.11g usb2 devices available on the market today. Development is going rather fast. On this page you'll find information on how to build the (unsusable) prism 54 usb driver, and how to help with development and reverse-engeneering.

As a result of this development, i'm maintaining a local copy of ndiswrapper with all you need to send beautifull logs of the usb data from your device that works with ndiswrapper. Soon coming, hopefully, is the same for PCI.

I'm also maintaining a copy of the madwifi stack with only the minor modifications needed for my use.


EmacsTips is a bunch of quick notes. This site is made with the emacswiki mode, with a style sheet stolen from Damien Elmes. I'll take some time to customize one day...