Driver Development

Simple help

In all cases you can help with protocol reverse-engeneering (the place to discuss this is the prism54-devel mailing list on, and/or code.

You can try to grab a task in the TaskList for the driver. I've tried to make things simple. You don't really need to have a device or know how to program to complete a task, many are protocol-related.

Basic documentation

Go there for complete list

The directory includes :

USB Logs and firmwares

The usb logs are dumps of the data that goes on the usb wire between your device on the host computer. That's what you'll need to read to do the reverse-engeneering. Complete list of available logs from various prism54-based usb devices, and how to get them.

The firmware is the microcode used in the device. It's loaded at boot-time into the device. We can get it :

Complete list of available firmwares used in those devices.

Internal hardware

I have two devices, an IOGear GWU513 and a Linksys WUSB54G. You can see my DevelopmentDevices.

Also see Sebastien's page about his Siemens Gigaset :

Protocol decoding

Here's what sense we can up to now make of the usbsnoop data.

Prism54 USB protocol

mgmt frames
frequency change packets
data received packets
data sent packets
info request packets
filter (or ibss ?) filter packet

I've put up some TestCases that I used to emit the frames.